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September 10,2018


We've partnered up with Strathclyde Business School to develop iGAP @ Tontine - a bespoke programme which offers relevant, accessible and practical learning for Tontine nurtured businesses with aspirations to grow.

iGAP@Tontine will run over six months and will include three two-day workshops dedicated to the areas important to high growth firms; Market, Leadership and Resource.

The programme draws on Strathclyde Business School's experience of running the pioneering Growth Advantage Programme and has been tailor made for Tontine, a Glasgow City Region City Deal project which supports the development and impact of businesses in the creative sectors to encourage collaboration, innovation and high growth.

The design of the programme will allow participants to share their own learning over time, supported by diagnostic tools and take away tool kits to use back in their own organisations. This method encourages participants to take ownership of their own development and coach their management teams, ensuring the direct relevance of the programme to the needs of each venture and its leadership team.

Each programme is delivered by the top entrepreneurship faculty from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and directed by peer learning expert John Anderson, former chief executive of the Entrepreneurial Exchange.

The businesses taking part in iGAP @ Tontine are: Inch Architecture, R3 IoT Limited, VizCareer Digital, Exmos Limited, Haelo Consulting LTD, GenAnalytics Ltd, Craft Prospect Ltd, Gigly, Adlantic, Ambiental, Metix Medical, and Estendio.

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