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May 23,2019

Enabling our leaders, to lead

Mick O'Connor

Organisations consist of so many moving parts that it can be difficult to make sense of what goes on. They combine social networks with routines, data, behaviours, etc to achieve desired effects, although complex must they be complicated?

  • If we designed organisations as interconnected systems; would work flow better?
  • If we used technology to connect people (regardless of pay grade); would decision making improve?
  • If we placed more value on peoples intuition; could we better predict, and act upon, things before they occurred?

A massive yes to all 3 in my case.

Keeping it real

Twenty-five years in management taught me many things however, what I learned quickly was that if I did 3-things, consistently well, the likelihood of success increased.

1. Really know what matters

  • What’s most important to the success of the; business, project, bid, etc (do I really know, and does everyone else)?
  • Who’s accountable for what (is everyone in agreement, particularly the owners)?
  • Can I measure what's most important (and can I easily collect the data)?

2. Build strong foundations

  • Are routines, practices and behaviours in place which glue everything together?
  • Do gaps in capability exist (do they affect what's important)?
  • Is there an operating rhythm?

3. Expect the unexpected

  • Be laser focused on what's important, and watchful for things which may affect them ('bad news early is good news' an old boss of mine used to say)
  • Shit happens, and it will, don't distract yourself when it does
  • Bring people into the conversation (cut through bureaucracy and let the people, who know best, explain to you what’s going on and why)

You don’t get to predict the future, but you do get to choose the steps towards it. Know what's important, build foundations and be vigilant.

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Mick O’Connor Founder and Director, HAELO Consulting LTD.